How I’m Planning my Wedding

This is my current other favourite thing to do; plan my wedding! 

I’m getting married in March 2019, it is booked but I’m not ready to share the date with the internet just yet! 

So I’m really enjoying spending time gathering ideas for everything from the dress to the decor. So I thought I’d write a little post about how I’m planning my wedding! 

Firstly I brought a A4 notebook from The Works. It has plain pages and isn’t wedding specific. I wasn’t really worried about that to be honest; I wanted to use it as a scrapbook type thing. 

So in those notebook I have pages for everything; honeymoon, the dress, food, invites etc! On these pages I’ll flick through bridal magazines and cut out bits that take my fancy, or inspire me. It’s quite like creating a mood board! This really helps me hone the ideas that I wanted and I’m seeing some themes for some areas like the cake (tiered with some unusual decoration such as marbling or ombré) and certainly for the dress. 

I also am LOVING Pinterest. Wow, there is a world of ideas on there. I’ll be honest, there are somethings that I find maybe unrealistic in terms of execution and price but I am finding all sorts of inspiration on there! Again, I have boards for all the different aspects I have found on there; my wedding beauty one is a firm favourite on there for me at the moment. 

I’ve checked out some wedding blogs but the one I am always checking is Bride De Force and mainly for the YouTube videos. It is run by Fleur De Force (I’m sure you have all heard of her!) and her sister, Hannah, who I believe is a wedding planner. The videos are great and include high street and high end, with some DIY tutorials chucked in. 

Finally, my maid of honour kindly brought me a wedding planner. I haven’t started it yet and for me it is going to be more about the finished article, for a keepsake. The one she brought me is from Hobbycraft for £16, find it here. I know you can also get some beautiful ones on Amazon for under £20, as I’ve brought some as gifts recently. 

Are you planning a wedding? What tips and tricks are you using? I’d love to hear them! 


Kayley xxx


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