My Beauty Story Tag


Today I’ve got the Make Up story Tag! I found this on Laura loves Beauty.

1) How old were you when your first started wearing make up?

About 15.

2) How did you get into Make Up?

Wandering round our little town centre with my friends. There was a little Superdrug and Boots which we used to wander round. Then I got a weekend job in one of them and from then I spent most of my wages in there, constantly swatching and testing all the new products!

3) What are some of your favourite brands?

I cannot resist anything Urban Decay do, particually palettes. They are always amazing. Mac is another, I’m always drawn to their lipsticks. Too faced palettes are another winner.

High Street wise; I love Maybeline Mascaras, Barry M for all things bright and colourful, Make Up Revolutions for cheap dupes.

I could answer this one for hours I have tons of products from different brands.

4) What does make up mean to you?

Make up is really important to me. I have such fond memories of applying it with my friends, walking through the Make Up aisle comparing what we are going to buy. It’s something we still do now.

I loooooove trying new things and experimenting, guess you could call it a passion and a hobby.

5) If you could only wear 4 products on your face what would they be?

Concealer because you can use this to cover up dark circles, and other blemishes (could use it as a makeshift foundation!), eyeshadow because you can be so creative with it (can be used as eyeliner too!), highlight anything glowy is good in my book and finally mascara!

6) What is your favourite thing about Make Up?

How creative and experimental you can be. There are no rules and it’s so inclusive, there is something for everyone.

7) What do you think about drug stores vs high end Make Up?

I think you can find wonderful things in drug stores. My favourite concealer is Collection Lasting Perfection and that costs between £3 and £4, but my favourite foundation is Mac and that costs around £30. I honestly don’t think it matters as long as you love what your using.

8) a bit of advice for a beginner?

Have fun. Make up doesn’t have to be serious, it washes off and you can create a new look.

9) What is one Make Up trend you never understood?

I haven’t found one yet to be honest. Something that doesn’t work for me though is really bold brows…

10) What do you think of the Make Up community?

Its a brilliant place with so much inspiration, support and knowledge. Well that’s my experience so far!

Will you be having a go at this tag? Let me know if you do, I’d love to read them!




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