Tanya Burr Collection


I purchased a new Tanya Burr palette recently and I realised I love the range a lot. Some of my absolute favourite eye shadows come from Tanya’s collection, so I thought I’d show you what I own and tell you some more about what I love from the range. 

Firstly because palettes are my favourite make up item, I’ll start with the Candy Glam palette. 

This is an amazing travel palette, it comes with a blush, bronzer and lip gloss. The shade range is perfect too to create a whole range of looks. I don’t think you’d have to take anymore palettes, just pack a highlighter and mascara and your on your way! 

I will be honest, the eyeshadow palettes can have a bit of fall out but they are quite pigmented and look beautiful when blended out. 

My favourite shade is plum berry (pictured below). I absolutely love this to darken up the outer corner of the eye. It makes a great wintery, smokey look. 

This was a Christmas palette so sadly you can’t buy it anymore… but for those of you who did get your hands on it, what did you think? 

Secondly I have the galaxy eye palette. This is so beautiful! I love it for a day time glam or a really dramatic smokey eye. This isn’t the best palette for those of you who aren’t into the dramatic, the shadows are quite dark. 

Two of my all time favourite eye shadows come from this palette; moonlight and stormy sky. Moonlight all over the lid and then stormy sky in the crease and outer corner. These colours appear to have a lot of taupe tones to them and I think that’s why I love them! 

Finally, my newest addition, my paradise palette. This is new so I don’t have much to say about it right now. Below I have included a look I created with wild jungle (all over the lid) and tree tops (crease and outer corner). So far they are my favourite shades from this palette. 

Now I love a matte lip and when Tanya’s Collection came out I brought all 3 colours; puppy paws, rhubarb and custard and Martha moo. 

Here are some swatches (L – R puppy paws, rhubarb and custard and Martha moo). 

I love Martha moo. It’s a beautiful nudey pink which makes for a great day time bolder look. 

I haven’t used the other colours much but that’s because I don’t have much use for them. I think they make great summer colours, I’m hoping to get more use from them over the next few months. 

The formula is good, it dries down really matte and it has an opaque coverage. It does take forever to dry though and it will smudge if you eat/drink until it’s dried. 

The whole collection can be found at Superdrug ranging from £4.99 – £7.99 (approx). 

I can’t wait to add more to my collection as Tanya brings out new releases. What items do you have? What would you recommend? 

I can’t wait to hear your thoughts! 


Kayley xxx


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